Yahoo Customer Service

Yahoo mail is developed by the Yahoo. Yahoo Mail is a web-based email service and yahoo mail is launched in 1997 through the American parent company Yahoo. Yahoo! Mail had 281 million users By December 2011, yahoo mail is the third largest web-based email service in the worldYahoo Tech support provides the facility of the Yahoo mail user and yahoo mail is best mailing service because you can easily be sharing the information and all types document (PPT files, PDF files, Image Sharing and Video sharing).

Yahoo is famous search engine because it provides the many facilities with it mail platform.


Some of the interesting services of Yahoo is

 1Yahoo mail services as Yahoo provides the bunch of services with the Yahoo mail itself. The Yahoo mail includes services like Yahoo answers, Yahoo groups, Yahoo search engine, Yahoo messenger etc. 


2Yahoo mail is an extra friendly and easy to use application of Yahoo. Yahoo mails clearly define the difference between inbox, sent, spam etc. so that it can be easily managed.  

 3. Yahoo mail have available 25 GB storage. This storage is large storage and every email user can use this storage and put all data here and access anywhere through the internet or A user can send images, documents etc.  

4. Yahoo takes care of the privacy of its users and so as to provide secured platform it takes all the privacy constraints. All the data in Yahoo are preserved. 


5. Every Yahoo mail user can save the contact detail and access anywhere and anyplace  With Yahoo mail and can also set notifications for important dates and event with the help of Yahoo calendar feature. 

6.Every person can easily use the Yahoo mail and any case any user faces any type of issue so user can take to help by calling Yahoo customer service number anytime. 


If you have any issue and you want to know any detail so you can contact our yahoo customer service team. Our customer support team and . our team is available 24*7 hours in a week.